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About Us


At TCT Driving School, the entire training structure is designed towards encouraging the avid driver within you. To achieve our aim, we constantly strive to provide the best of everything including the best facility, well maintained cars and gears, a trained and certified staff, finest training techniques and standards that would help you attain your goals.


Our automobiles are both very comfortable and brand new. They are designed specifically for the learners with dual brakes to provide a sense of security and prevent any unforeseen accident.


The training lessons structured at TCT Driving School are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the learners. We are here to help you, no matter if you are a female or a male, young or old, nervous or even if you are not a native and speak a different language. To boost the confidence of the young driver’s, we make parents a part of their driving training sessions.


At TCT Driving School, our driving sessions are specifically designed to ensure that the basics of the driving are taken care of. The highly professional and RMS accredited instructors are dedicated towards offering the best possible training to the drivers. It is this unswerving dedication towards offering the best that has given us the confidence to claim to be one of the best driving training schools in eth industry.