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Booking your driving sessions with TCT Driving School is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Courtesy our long and flexible working hours, you can receive the sessions at your own convenience. One of the most successful family owned business, we believe in offering valuable driving lessons without compromising on the quality.


For the starters, we would like to know about your driving experience and accordingly the number of lessons you would need would be calculated. As a next step, we will then decide upon the number of training sessions you will fit in a week.


Turn out to be a confident and safer driver following a well structured training approach and a professional driving experience. With our immense experience and training, we hold expertise to pass on the knowledge to our clients.


Book a lesson with us and learn:


  • Speed management: Receiving valuable information including precisely and perfectly evaluating the most preferable speed limit from any corner.
  • Road Positioning: Superior understanding and planning skills so that you know the right place to be at on the road. Expertise in secure overtaking skills and how to position on road for utmost advantage.
  • Decision Making Skills: Learn how to successfully manipulate the decisions and actions of other drivers for your own help.
  • Vehicle Control: Adept yourself in the use of brakes, steering, controls and in the use of throttles. Learn flawless gear shifting techniques in a high performance automobile.
  • Response to Hazards: Efficiently manage car space and time and create and maintain a safety cloud that shields yourself and the ones sitting with you in your automobile.
  • Maneuvers (All Parkings): Learn the concept of parallel parking, restrictions and the pavement marking rules and regulations along with the situations that restrict you for parking in certain zones.

The professionals at TCT Driving School will guide you through the theoretical and practical side of driving so that you step out as a good driver.