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Afraid To Drive Near Buses And Trucks?



Anxiety happens to every new driver, it is not something worth lowering your confidence on-road. Being considered as one of the Best Driving School in Blacktown, learners often ask how to drive near to super-heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, and trailers. The common instinct says to overtake them, which is not wrong but can be challenging for a beginner. This is where defensive driving comes in.


What is Defensive Driving?


Defensive driving refers to a way of driving where the driver is instinctively prepared for all kinds of road hazards through varied conditions. It includes all the strategies that enable the driver to predict on-road risks and overcome them in a safe measure. If you are taught defensive driving, you can overcome problems like overtaking a super-heavy vehicle with ease. Defensive driving not only makes it easy to clear the RTA Driving test in Blacktown NSW but also anywhere in the world.


However, if you already are a driver with a driving license, you can follow the tips given below to surpass this problem. Our information is valid and trustable because of our instructors who possess years of experience. Due to our instructing methods, we are considered as one of the best driving schools in Blacktown.


Stay Away From The Blind Spots


Blind spots in a vehicle are the rear area that is not visible in any mirror. Due to a large body, buses and trucks have a larger blind spot. Stay at a four-car length to stay out of the blind spot. The rule of the thumb says if you cannot see the side mirror or the driver in the side mirror, he cannot see you either.


Never Drive Between Two Buses or Trucks


Stay back and follow. For a beginner, that is our advice to encounter two or more super heavy vehicles on road. It is not at all wise to drive between the two. Plus, speeding up is difficult if the two buses have blocked your front or side view. The best way to get rid of this situation is to follow until one of them changes direction or gives the path (Yes, you can honk a little if you want to.)


Take Extra Care While Overtaking


If you have passed the RTA Driving test, overtaking is not as difficult for you as you think. Remember the road positioning and vehicle control skills taught you in driving school? Concentrate on those skills and cautiously try to overtake the vehicle. With time, you’ll get more confidence in doing it.


Pace Up


Large Vehicles are slow on the move. You can easily outrun a heavy vehicle at its first sight. Just hit the accelerator a little harder when you see a bus or truck approaching you.

You can contact us anytime to get info on our driving lessons. We are always ready to help you pass your RTA Driving test in Blacktown NSW.