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Driving Tips for New Drivers from Best Driving School in Sydney


While acquiring driving skills & getting a driving license can fill you with excitement & immense happiness, modern cars & trucks are packed with a dizzying number of features and technology. Besides, new drivers indulge in risky tactics on hitting the road, neglecting safety rules imparted by the Best Driving Schools in Sydney, while some confess that they have never ignored the road safety rules.

There are quite many mistakes that new drivers make initially after getting on the road. But when you’re behind the wheel, it is important to take all the necessary precautions. In this blog, we have updated you with driving tips from TCT Driving School, one of the Best Driving Schools in Sydney. The post provides a list of driving advice that new drivers, as well as experienced drivers, can follow to maintain focus on the road & make things safer for both themselves and others.
Know Your Car before Hitting the Road 

The first and foremost thing that you should do before you start driving is to get familiar with your car. Know the basics of the car theoretically before you practically start driving it. Every car has a slightly different addition of technology so get comfortable with your car before you hit on the road.


To know all the basics of car & their functioning before driving, join the Best Driving School in Sydney & get enlighten yourself with every single detail about driving and composition of the vehicle & on how to and when to bring the use of different functionalities of vehicle.

Wear Seatbelts at All The Times

Fastening the seatbelt is the first thing you should do every time you get inside the car. Seatbelts are fitted in every car for a reason and one should always wear a seatbelt while driving for safety concerns & just not the law. It should be a regular practice you should be performing the moment you sit in your vehicle.


Furthermore, encourage your passengers to wear seatbelts to ensure their safety as well and as by law, the driver is responsible for making sure everyone is wearing a seatbelt.

Avoid Over Speeding

As a new driver, it is important to get familiar with your vehicle before you start speeding. Whatever it is, you should always drive under the speed limit as over speeding is considered to be one of the most common reasons for road accidents.


Be aware of the limit of the road you are driving on and drive within the speed limits to ensure your safety and safety of others. To get updated on speed limits & safety regulations in Australia, take driving lessons from Best Driving School in Sydney. The Instructors will educate on every detail related to driving.

Pro Tip: Initially stick to the far right lane as left lanes are for overtaking and vehicles travel at a fast speed on them.
Indicate before Changing Lanes

New Drivers tend to forget about indicating before changing lanes. Whether you are moving to the left or right you should always indicate to alert other drivers know that you intend to change the lane you are moving in.


Never change lanes suddenly can lead to various mishaps on road. You must know where your path is and plan to move over to the side to change the lane smoothly. Don’t forget to check your blind spots before you make a move to ensure your safety, the safety of others as well as the safety of your vehicle.

Remove all distractions

Distractions can be really dangerous and can lead to major accidents on the road. And at the top of the list of dangerous distractions as per the Best Driving Schools in Sydney are cell phones, whether they are used for messaging or talking. Keep the phone away while driving as well as other things away to prevent you from distractions while driving.

Maintain a Considerate Gap from Other Vehicles

As a new driver, you should always maintain a considerate gap from other vehicles moving on the road. Try to act like a defensive & responsible driver on the road as you might be a safe driver but that doesn’t mean that others are too. So follow the rules & regulations and maintain a considerate gap from other vehicles.

Correctly Hold the Steering Wheel

When you hold your steering wheel correctly, you confirm the best control of steering which in turn helps you in better handling of the vehicle. The accuracy of holding the steering depends on how you want to have maximum control over the wheel. According to the Best Driving Schools in Sydney, the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock position is best to hold the steering wheel.

Consider Taking a Driving Lesson

Best Driving Schools in Sydneyoffer driving classes to help individuals master the art of driving. TCT Driving School is the most trusted, renowned and Best Driving School in Sydney providing learners with carefully structured & professionally communicated training sessions to make you an expert at driving & guide you through each step and nurture you to become an ace driver. Their driving experts offer a wide range of driving lessons with parent participation to suit your specific needs at your convenient timings.