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How to Help Your Teen Learn Driving



Driving is best learned in teenage, as then your growing son or daughter adapts to drive in several

situations as he or she ages. However, this step also strikes fear in the minds of many as driving itself isn’t an easy task, so how can teaching be. You can find the best driving school in Sydney and yet it cannot provide the help that a parent can provide his child.


How can you help?


Along with looking for the Top Ten Driving Schools in Sydney, also take some measures from your side that are required to make your teen feel confident while driving. Some of the things that you can do are:


Talk to Your Teen

Before putting your child in a driving school, you should talk to him about what he feels about driving. Maybe his interest resides in learning some other activity or graduating high school first. Driving is a task that requires high determination, and if your teen is not mentally ready to learn driving yet, he won’t give it his 100%. We operate in Blacktown, NSW, and have noticed the effects of poor determination on the result of the RTA driving test many times.


Discuss His Fears

It is common for teenagers and new drivers to be afraid of driving. If your teen also has a fear of controlling a four-wheeler, you need to help him get rid of that fear first. What you can do is tell him to practice deep breathing. You can also take him to your preferred driving school and let him discuss his fears with a professional instructor. You should talk to your teen about your driving fears and how you overcame them with experience in time.


Get Him A Car

Although you can start teaching your teen in your car, it is better if you buy a small hatchback or a second-hand car for your child’s convenience. It will show him your trust and your seriousness in helping him drive. He can practice freely in his car without worries.


Miscellaneous Tips

  • Don’t text your teen when he is driving, call instead. Texting will always distract him.
  • Be strict on the no speeding rule, which is good for every new learner.
  • Be always aware of the location your teen practices driving.
  • No showing off to friends unless he gets his license.
  • No rule breaking like jumping signals or drunk driving.


If you are looking for a driving school for your teen, you can contact us anytime. Feel free to explore our website to read helpful articles on driving.