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Summer Driving Tips | Driving School Blacktown


All-weather conditions present their own unique set of challenges. Driving in high or low temperatures

, and maintaining vehicles in extreme conditions, takes time, thought and a little know-how.


Putting some time into preparing your car for summer will help to prevent failures, protect from collapses, minimize damage to your vehicle and help you enjoy driving on the road during those hot days. Also, taking steps to ensure that your car is ready for the heat can go a long way in making sure you have a comfortable summer.


These driving tips for summer also prepare you in case you are heading off on a long journey or holiday because you can’t afford to stick into unwanted situations. Here are some helpful summer driving trips from Driving School Blacktown NSW to get your car summer-ready:


Keep check of oil and coolant levels:

Car’s coolant and oil are both responsible for keeping the engine cool. Make sure you check the levels of all the liquids before setting off on the road and top up any that seem a little low. If the oil or coolant fall levels below the minimum, it can damage the engine as well as get you stuck out in the sun result in you getting stranded out in the sun.


Service your Air conditioning system:

On the summer days ensure that the air conditioning system is in working condition to prevent the heat to suddenly rise during the journey. Make sure it is working in perfect condition, if not get it serviced before you are setting off.


Check your tires:

During summers the air inside your tires tends to expand. And when the tires are in bad condition, this can make them more susceptible to punctures, rips, and tears than in cooler weather.

Make sure to check the tires before you set off on a long journey. In case you don’t feel they are in good condition, have them replaced before you hit the road.


Take your vehicle for routine servicing

Going for regular servicing extends the lifespan of the car. Take your car for a summertime routine check to make sure everything is refilled, recharged, and ready to go. This is particularly important to do if you are setting off for a summertime road trip.
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