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1 Hour LessonPackage


  • Home/Railway Station Pick/Drop(Blacktown area)
  • 1 Hours(3 hours in your Log book)
  • Parking and reverse parking practice as per test requirement150

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RTA DrivingTest Preparation


  • Use of Car for Driving Test
  • One hours lesson just befor the Driving Test

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TCT driving school is established with an aim to provide a whole new experience to drivers training by making it enjoyable as well as inculcating profound sense of responsibility on the road. Every training session is customised in accordance with individual needs and is communicated in a highly professional manner. Our sound record of satisfied clientele speaks for its outstanding reputation we hold in the market. Book your driving sessions online or give us a call to reserve your training session.

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Here Are The Reasons To Choose Us...

TCT driving school aims at providing calm, patient, friendly and professional learning environment to all students. We have a proven record of successful and satisfied clients

  • Comfortable & PersonalizedWith TCT, you will never be on edge or feel pressurized and we can practice your driving skills until you become an expert. We understand that each learner has his or her pace to learn and comfort level. Our skilled and professional training will guide you through each step and nurture you to become a pro driver.
  • Easy Going At TCT, we have training sessions from morning till evening, hence we can fit in your daily schedule very comfortably. Not just this, you have an option to practice at your own comfort and any time of the day.
  • Parent ParticipationAs a parent, your involvement during your kid’s driving sessions will boost his confidence and guarantee his endurance more than anything. Being parents, you play a major part in the learning process and sessions.


  1. Professional and experienced driving Instructor
  2. Practice On Driving Test Route
  3. Test Day Service
  4. Refresher Lessons
  5. Overseas Licence Conversion
  6. Driving lesson on Automatic dual control hybrid car
  7. Night Driving Lessons

Benefits Of Learning With Us!

Confidence driving on the road. Learn driving skills to pass the test and drive safely for life. Get 3 bonus logbook hours for 1 hour with an instructor.* Picked up and dropped off from home.*

*Can also be picked up from school/work if the instructor also services that area. Affordable driving lessons at low prices with quality customer service. 10 years of driving instructor experience Rta Accredited instructors.

Provide driving lessons in western suburbs Blacktown, Penrith, Richmond Westmead.

Request a call back to book lesson


24 hours notice required for any change of time or cancellation, Charges apply.